Always running late


It is well known among my friends and family that I’m always running late. Especially when I’m with my mom. Somehow there’s always one more thing to do before we can leave or one more thing we have to grab. It also doesn’t help that my bed is a jealous fiend whom does not like to share my time with anyone else. My bed is also very comfy (my boyfriend wants to burn it though since it’s so old; he thinks it’s crawling with bedbugs).

My mom and I work together during the summer and we’re about 10 minutes late every day. This is our sixth summer at this job. You would think that we would know by now when to start getting ready and when to leave to arrive on time. Well, we do. Somehow though, something always delays us. I admit that I have been sleeping in until the last possible moment, but I can also get ready very quickly. If it was just me I would probably be on time almost every day. My mom has more of a process to get ready. However, it seems like something always comes up even if she starts out running on time. It might be that my step-dad wants to have a discussion about something that can wait until later, or she remembers that she started a load of laundry last night but forgot to finish it. Most of the time it is something that can wait until after we get home from work. She just can’t leave things.

I’m always running late because I feel like I have more time than I actually have. Or it will be “just one more minute!” whether it be sleep, reading another chapter of a book, or finding that hair tie that I swear I just had.


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