Finally fulfilling a promise

Frodo and Sam. by Lepun
Frodo and Sam. by lepun

During the first year that my boyfriend and I started dating we made a deal. The deal was that he would read the Harry Potter books if I would read The Lord of the Rings books. Well, I’m a few chapters into the second part of The Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo and his companions have literally just left Rivendell.

I quite enjoyed the introduction with the information about hobbits. Tolkein writes in a way that this section is humorous and engaging, not just a listing of facts. My boyfriend describes it as being told in a storytelling fashion. As if someone, the narrator, is sitting in front of a fire and telling the company surrounding him and the fire a story on a long night during the winter to pass the time and boredom. This way of narrating continues on through the book and I think it is this that keeps my interest.

Frodo and Sam annoy me. The rest of the characters are much more intriguing than the main protagonists. Frodo is a bit of a spoiled brat and I think that Bilbo helped him become like this. Not much is said about Frodo’s character before he is adopted by Bilbo (except that he trespassed on Old Maggot’s land to steal his mushrooms, and that does not say good things for his character). While Frodo is more realistic than some protagonists who must go on quests in that he truly is reluctant to go on a quest to destroy the Ring simply because he is scared and ready to rest.

Sam annoys me just because he is always complaining and because he is so subservient to Frodo. I know that he is Frodo’s servant and that he has Frodo’s best interests at heart, but he still annoys me. However, I did find it funny when Sam was caught eavesdropping on the secret council meeting simply because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He can’t keep his mouth shut when it comes to following Frodo. Otherwise he does make a good spy. Sam was the one who informed Frodo’s other friends about Frodo’s plans to leave and about all that Gandalf and Frodo discussed as Sam went about his gardening duties. Also, it is not indicated that Gandalf or any of the others at the secret council in Rivendell were aware that he was there until he announced himself. I can like certain things about Sam, but overall he annoys me. I want him to grow a back bone, but his lack of back bone in general and spine of steel in specific situations are a part of his character and purpose.

Perhaps more updates about my progress with The Lord of the Rings later.


One thought on “Finally fulfilling a promise

  1. While it’s true Frodo’s a little spoiled and Sam’s always got surveilance camera eyes on him, I think it’s probably that that’s just how they were raised, also Sam’s always trying to make sure Frodo doesn’t get hurt. Get further into the story, I think you’ll come to like both of them more.


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