Verse novel: Song of the Sparrow

I’m not usually a fan of verse novels, but this one could be interesting. I definitely like reading alternative versions to canon = fanfiction is awesome.

The Book Wars

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make a contribution to [Arthurian] canon, to write about my favourite characters, and only recently aware of the latest scholarship, I was excited to try to endow the legend with a historical edge. But I also wanted to try to change something: As I read more and more stories about Arthur and his companions, and as I began studying Arthurian lore in college, I started to notice that the girls and women in these stories were not always treated very kindly. At best, it seemed to me, they were damsels in distress who needed a man to rescue them, and at worse [sic], they were chaperones of doom and destruction. This did not seem fair to me. (p. 393-394, Author’s Note to Song of the Sparrow)

Lisa Ann Sandell’s Song of the Sparrow is a verse novel narrated by Elaine of…

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