Internship??? Honors Senior Project???

As a Non-Profit Administration Minor I’m required to complete an internship for credit. I have already completed an internship at a children’s museum near my university but I didn’t do it for credit. I really should have done it for credit. This last year of college would be a lot easier if I had. Anyways, I need to find another non-profit internship, hopefully for the second semester.

I also have to do an Honors Senior Project in order to fulfill my Honors College requirements so that I can graduate With Honors. I’m almost tempted to quit honors, but then I would have to redo all those credits that it fulfilled for gen eds…. Not happening. Senior Project it is then. Question is, what do I do for this project? My boyfriend helped me do some brainstorming and I think I have some ideas now. Next I need to talk to the people in charge of honors projects and find a professor willing to be my adviser. This is where I wish I had spent more time taking advantage of my professors’ office hours.

I want to do the honors project during this first semester so that I won’t be doing it at the same time as my capstone class for my major. However, this means that I would be doing my internship during the second semester. I don’t really want to do the internship at the same time as the project, but it will be difficult to do during the capstone as well.


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