Heavy Hair

I want to chop it all off! However, it’s been a life long goal of mine to donate it.

Up until Kindergarten I had really long hair. But then I decided I wanted my hair cut short to look good for school pictures. When mom took me to the hairdresser and she was all done… I hated it. I pretended and told the hairdresser and my mom that I loved it. But inside I loathed it. I vowed then and there that I wasn’t ever going to have short hair again. I broke that vow much later though.

I told everyone that I wanted to grow my hair out to donate so that they wouldn’t question me why I didn’t want to keep my short locks. Eventually my excuse became a real goal. I saw stories about kids and adults with cancer feeling much better because they were able to receive wigs from people who donated their hair. I wanted to help someone gain back their confidence and a little normality. So the hair donation goal became real.

So I continued growing my hair until my senior year of high school. You would think that it would be down to my knees or somewhere close if I hadn’t gotten it cut since Kindergarten, but that wasn’t true. I really should have gone to the salon regularly to get my hair trimmed, but since I went so erratically with extremely long breaks in between, when I did go, I often had to get inches cut off to rid myself of split ends. So my hair never really got a chance to grown past the small of my back.

Senior year of high school I finally felt like I was ready to chop it all off. I absolutely loved Emma Watson’s pixie cut and I wanted to cut my hair like that. Buuut, prom was coming up and I knew I wanted an up-do hairstyle for that. So I compromised and had my hair cut to just above my shoulders. Honestly I was also pretty scared about having my hair cut short after my disastrous experience in Kindergarten. I loved it. Having shoulder-lenthish hair was fantastic. About two months after I graduated high school I finally made the next step and gained a pixie-cut. It looked awesome! Also, washing and styling my hair took so much less time! The decrease in weight on my head and neck was nice too 🙂

I grew my hair back out again though because I still wanted to donate my hair. It’s been three years since my pixie cut. My hair is definitely longer than 10 inches, but I’m waiting to cut it until it’s 10 inches past my shoulders so that I can immediately go back to the length I love best now. I also have to wait for my layers to catch up with the rest of my hair. It’s a pain in the butt to style right now. I really don’t want to look like my middle school self.

I really can’t wait to cut it. I’ve been getting headaches a lot lately. I know the weight of my hair isn’t the only cause of the headaches, but it’s definitely one of the leading factors. I’m getting quite fed up with my hair and the headaches. I’ve been so close to just chopping it off now before it gets to the right length for donating. But I’ve been wanting to donate it for so long. That’s what’s keeping me going right now. That I’ve had this goal for so long, and imagining the feeling someone might get when they receive a new wig made from my hair.

I would feel so awesome just to know I contributed in some small way to make another person happy.


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