Road Trip

So for my brother’s high school graduation present he wanted to see Barcelona vs Chelsea and Manchester United vs PSG. These are professional soccer teams for the uninitiated.

Originally it was going to be just three of us going since someone needed to stay home to make sure grandma didn’t accidentally burn the house down. My mom and had a big fight about this because she wanted all four of us to go as a family trip. Basically there was some petty retaliations on both sides and the final decision, made three days ago, was that all of us were going and we’re dropping my step-dad’s mom (The Heinous Bitch) off with his son while we’re gone.

The first game, Barcelona vs Chelsea is in Washington D.C.. I’ve never been there before but my mom, brother, and step-dad all have. The second game, Manchester United vs PSG, is in Chicago. I’ve been to Chicago many times and like it a lot. I am desperate to visit the Field Museum again.

A lot of people think that I’m not excited to go see these soccer games but I really am!!!! Until three days ago I thought I was the one who was going to have to stay home so I didn’t let myself think about the trip so I wouldn’t be disappointed that I wasn’t going. Now that I know I’m going I am having to consciously keep myself from bouncing in my seat.

Before we drive to Washington D.C., we’re going to the birthday party of my step-dad’s grandson in a suburb of Chicago. He turned 6 yesterday. So we’re driving to Chicago,  then to Washington D.C. then back to Chicago. Totally makes sense, right? It’s all good, we get to drop The Heinous Bitch off and see some family before starting the 11 hour drive to D.C..

I really want to spend time at the Smithsonian Museum….. but there are seven in D.C. and we don’t have the time 😦 My step-dad made a point to tell me that we won’t have time for me to read every plaque/informational board there. I am the history buff in my family besides my step-dad, add to that the fact that I love to read and you have a woman who consumes time without realizing it as she absorbs every written word around her.

My brother wants to go to the Holocaust Museum again. It made him very sad when he first went there im eighth grade but he still thinks it’s a intriguing and important place to visit.

My boyfriend thinks we should go to the newest Smithsonian Museum that’s about Native Americans. I’m skeptical about this one because of the ongoing Repatriation debate within the Archaeology, Anthropology, and other academic communities. I’ll make a post specifically about this topic later.

We’re going to visit all the usual places in D.C. like the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Wall, and Arlington Cemetery to see the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,  among others. I know I will feel humbled after visiting these places.

Anyway,  at the moment we’re in the car on the way to the birthday party. I’ll post more about D.C., Chicago, and the soccer games later 🙂


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