Would I Survive?

I like to play a game called “Would I survive?” It came about after I read a book series called The Touchstone Trilogy by Andrea K. Höst. Basically an Australian girl from the 21st century is walking home from school and the next thing she knows, she’s on a different planet. She (and the reader) find out later that she walked through a natural “gate.” Think portal between worlds. Not quite alternate universes, more like a tear in space that allows one to travel through the fourth dimension to another world or worlds. 

She’s alone on this planet for about a month and has to survive for the first half with nothing but what she had on her when she walked unknowingly through the gate. So her school uniform, backpack, and the various things in her backpack. 

The game I play is taking stock of what I’m wearing and carrying and wondering if I would survive and how I would survive if I was suddenly transported to another world or into Earth’s past or future. I play it randomly. Like what prompted me to write this was me looking and my feet and thinking I probably wouldn’t survive long if I was transported right this moment because I only have socks and not shoes on. Okay, depending on the terrain I would be fine or screwed. 

I really like this book series though. The main character, Cass, is down to Earth and she really wonders if maybe she’s locked up somewhere on Earth bc she had a psychiatric break. Basically, while there are events that would make her a Mary Sue, the way she reacts to these events and wonders about her apparent Mary Sue-ish life actually negates the Mary Sueishness of the story. 

I’ll probably write more on the book series another time. I accomplished what I wanted with this post.


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