Dating Dates

So today would be Kraig and I’s 4 year anniversary if we had stayed together. Ryan and I are going on our date tomorrow night. I REALLY don’t want to have the making things official conversation tomorrow because I don’t want to have an anniversary date so close to the old one. It just kinda makes me go into OMG PANIC MODE. I didn’t even realize that the dates were so close until I checked my Facebook’s On This Day on August 31 and it showed me and Kraig going on a date for our 1 year anniversary (We had our date that day because of how the days lined up with the dates that Labor Day Weekend). When Ryan and I set up our date for this Labor Day Weekend, I was just thinking about how it was a long weekend and I could spend more time with him. I totally wasn’t thinking about how Kraig and I had done the same thing the weekend we officially got together. Sooo, yeah.

I don’t know how to bring this up with Ryan. I don’t really want to bring it up tomorrow at all. I think I’ll let him broach the topic of being official, I won’t bring it up. I’m hoping he doesn’t do it tomorrow. If he does, I will explain, but I’m hoping that I’ll get some distance from September 2 before we have the official conversation and me explaining.


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