Random Book Recall

So my freshman year of undergrad, I did this week long thing with the honors college the week before move in week. Those of us who went through it refer to it as Hell Week or other less-than-polite terms. It was supposed to be an introduction of the worst of college so that our first year and the rest of our time there would seem easy in comparison. Well, our year was the last year that they did it. But I digress.

Anyway, one of our assignments was to read this book. It’s called The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson. It’s actually a good book. But for the most part wasn’t relevant to me or most of my classmates involved in Hell Week. The book was about how students, kids, who didn’t fit the System overcame their challenges (clashes with the system) by figuring out what their passions were and turning those into a career. Welp, for myself and my classmates at the time, we all fit into the system. The System worked for us. We were good at test-taking, paying attention in class, etc. We didn’t think we were the intended audience.

Now though… I’m struggling in school. Not as bad as I was last year or the year before. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do as career, but now that graduation is looming in a couple months and I still don’t have a definite plan…. I wonder if I should re-read this book. It won’t hurt at least.

I mean, I have a tentative plan. I know I want to work in the non-profit field and do something with literacy. But that’s about it. My application to Teach For America got turned away, but I’m being considered for a position in the Peace Corps. Which I’m really excited about 🙂 I think I’m going to learn a lot during my internship too. My boss has already said multiple times that I have a job with them after my internship ends if I don’t get accepted into the Peace Corps. Which is great! I never really thought I’d have a job offer before I graduated. I’d rather travel the world than be stuck in my hometown though.

Whenever people ask me where I would like to live/where my dream job will be/do I think I’ll move after graduation, I always answer that I’ll go where the money is. A lot of the people that ask are in the generation or two generations above me. They always seem uncomfortable with this answer. I wonder if it’s because they have these assumptions about millennials and when they’re faced with the truth, that we have absolutely no money and are resigned to the fact that at least for the first part of our careers we will be mercenary, they feel like “Oh, maybe I should have payed more attention,” or “Oh, why did I think [assumption] before?” I think part of it is the resignation in my tone, the defeat, the world is bearing down on my shoulders feel that I give off. There are perks to being a millennial, but it’s also like being on an extreme roller coaster. When you go high you go really high, but when you go low, you go really low. A lot of the time I feel like I’m at that tip of the roller coaster where you are juuuussttt feeling the pull of gravity start on you as you go down. But. You are stuck at that place, never moving. The feeling of omgi’mabouttogodown is eternal. It’s almost a relief to finally move and hit rock bottom because you’re not moving or stuck with the feeling of your stomach in your throat.


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